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Michael Theys
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is for ANY business looking for a cheap and lucrative way to advertise.

NO Set-up Fee... Just Advertise!
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What is BlockBuzz?
BlockBuzz is an Internet advertising company that will help ANY COMPANY gain more exposure online. We have combined the power of Internet Marketing with Bulletin Board pinning (Pinterest) and "Social Sharing" to offer a fun, unique, and lucrative way for advertisers to interact with members through the BlockBuzz Network.
Earn Money by Advertising with BlockBuzz!
BlockBuzz has created the ultimate advertising platform for our members. We are sharing up to 70% of our revenue back to our members through a strategic pay plan that pays you in 11 ways. BlockBuzz is not designed to be a business opportunity, it's designed to help you promote your existing business and make some money on the side. Fill out the form above to get started!
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